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Licensed educational institution with in-depth study of foreign languages ​​on the basis of Christian values

My horizons

Lyceum, Sadochok

"We change the hearts of children who will change the world with love"

"My Horizons" is under the patronage of the Spiritual Council of Khmelnytsky


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- Lyceum "My Horizons" is designed to effectively teach and educate future generations in accordance with God's plan for human life in Ukraine and in the world as a whole


- Forming a holistic personality based on Christian values ​​with strong academic knowledge and a solid ability to learn throughout life.

- For the harmonious development of the student it is essential that the partnership between all participants in the educational process was aimed at open and sincere communication, full of assertions:

Christian - moral values ​​(dignity, justice, care, honesty, trust, friendship, love, family values),

socio-legal (rule of law, patriotism, environmental and ethical value, social responsibility) and

personality-oriented values ​​(self-realization, leadership, freedom).


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2018 - 2019

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Questionnaire for registration