We change the hearts of children with love,
who will change the world!

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Licensed educational institution

Education on the basis of Christian values

Full day school

In-depth study of foreign languages

Innovations in education

Individual approach to the child

Professional staff

The optimal number of students in the class

Development studies

Entertainment events

Enhanced security

Patriotic education

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Ideological inspiration

Gakalo Iryna Albertivna


Garkun Tatiana Gennadievna


Griga Taras Vladimirovich

Practical psychologist

Uspensʹka Lyudmyla Ivanivna

Deputy Director for Educational Work

Gorban Elena Vitalievna

Innovative teacher

Muzychuk Iryna Viktorivna

Chairman of the Methodical Association of Primary School Teachers

Zadyraka Halyna Mykolayivna

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The My Horizons team is constantly evolving, expanding and growing! After all, only through progress can we create education at the European level! We have a unique educational space for everyone, in which it is interesting to work, study and communicate, where there is everything necessary for the development of abilities, talents and the formation of efficiency skills.

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Of course you want to provide comfort and security, caring care, successful development and training, formation of the best qualities of character. All the best!

The uniqueness of the educational process of our institution lies in the combination of modern programs of personal development, author’s and innovative technologies. The integration of experience, education and creativity of our teachers provides each child with an individual educational space, the purpose of which is to create the basis of his successful future.

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